Hello, hello again.

Hello friends. 

Seven years ago, in a bid to ditch the loneliness of moving from one country to another, I started up the bluebirdcage blog. It saw me through some tough times and was a great gateway for meeting people, sharing recipes (remember that Creme Egg Cupcake??) and was even featured in Park & Cube (madness at the honour of it all)!

The problem is I’ve changed a lot. I’ve grown a lot. Growing more open about my experiences in real life, yet feeling stifled by continuing with a blog that was solely baking focused. I tried to reinvent the space several times, but it began to feel almost wrong to seep in lifestyle posts as I navigated my way through being a lost twenty-something living a double life in a world of fashion and an unhappy marriage. 

Skip to more recent years, my happiness and new experiences don’t seem to tie in with the old bluebirdcage blog.

So…here’s my clean slate. A place to celebrate life, motherhood, love, food and adventure. To share my stories with ya’ll. The good. The bad. The ugly. The me. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This makes total sense. Good for you, girl!


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