Love. Roast potatoes. Space. Hold Back the Stars

On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to share in Katie Khan’s big night, celebrating her debut novel Hold Back the Stars.

K.K. looking like a stunner

Max and Carys are falling through space with ninety minutes of air. Their love story dissected amidst their struggle to survive. A story of soulmated love set in a utopian future, pulled together by roast potatoes. Yes, roast potatoes. With beautifully written exerts touching issues that ring hauntingly true, I had to drop reading the book in front of Baxter for fear that he’d sense my tears (thank god for his easy distraction of That’s Not My Teddy).

stars stars stars

"we're going to die"

With write ups in Vogue and Stylist, touting it as the new One Day, this is a book that I recommend 100 percent.
Bax and I even dedicated our latest baking session to it:

Add it to your collection tomorrow by supporting your local bookstore or buying it here.
(Released in the US on 23 May 2017 - preorder here)

What I wore:



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