We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

We were joined at the zoo with Bax’s aunty for some much needed family time today. The footfall was super quiet inside, which is slightly ironic for a place smack dab in the midst of an ever bustling city.

Each time we pace the zoo I make sure to take a different way around. Wandering left, where I last wandered right. Heading to the gorillas before we head to the penguins. A little variety in something that could possibly get same-y too quickly. The animals sensed the fact that Ann hadn’t been there since she was five. All coming out to show off. 

hello penguins

A silverback stood poised in front of the glass window, just feet away, staring directly into our eyes. I was chilled by his powerful beauty. Part of me feels bad that such a magnificent animal is in captivity, but the other part of me trusts in the fact that they’re well taken care of, giving us a chance to have memorable encounters like these. It did stop me from taking a photo though. A certain sense of completely invading his privacy. But what a beautiful, haunting memory.

The lack of crowd allowed us to notice the new life stirring inside - tiger cubs and baby gorillas among the most popular. Wishing Bax could befriend the tiny monkeys. He sure looked like he wanted to play with them.

front seat for the sleepy tiger cub

i dare not tell him what tigers eat

Today we spent a little bit more time wandering the new lion den - a burst of colour that would brighten even the greyest day. The lion roared powerfully in the background. Have you ever heard a lion roar in person? He was turned up to ELEVEN. (Think he'd like to make some cubs, if you know what I mean...)
The zoo has introduced little lodges that you can actually stay the night in, just outside the lions den; getting a torchlit night tour of the zoo as part of the experience. That actually sounds pretty damn cool.

me and my little monkey

when the B man is asleep, mama gets to play

We hope to happen upon more unseen territories of the zoo with our next visit. Where are the zoos you visit and what are your favourite exhibits like? 

My coat (similar) and backpack.

Wearing this natural shade of lipstick.

Baxter’s pram (next generation), foot muff, hat (similar) and snacks.


  1. Many,many fond memories of the London Zoo. Your Pa and Ma would take us there to spend the day,carrying a picnic lunch along to enjoy. Later they would go with Larry and I to explore the Memphis Zoo and Jackson Zoo with your cousins. Great memories. I have always loved the zoo. Jack and I went to the Jackson Zoo on our 2cd date.

    1. Oh, that brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. The image of ma and pa at the London zoo; makes me feel as if maybe, I'll be able to see them the next time we go. To feel their presence. :) If you ever come over, we'll have to make a trip there. Xx


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