Why I left facebook

Aside from the obvious depressing political tirade that we cannot avoid nowadays (I choose to remain informed by credited sources, not a constant barrage of shared articles which may or may not have an inkling of truth behind them), I’m ever so sick of scrolling endless shares of ‘funny pet’ videos - whose pets are they, yours? no? Five minute recipes that people didn’t create themselves - is this pinterest? I could go on and on.

What I fail to see is some sort of semblance of the friendships I so lovingly formed through various stages of my life. Their faces replaced by extreme views, endlessly preaching - to whom? The choir of your bubble? Chances are, if we’re friends, we’ve got the same views. If we’re family, we’re probably on the fence, but I still love you unconditionally.

I don’t want to hate my friends. I don’t want to hate my family. There’s already too much hate out there.

What about updates on the positives of your life. And the negatives too. How the hell have you been? Tell me about your day. Lets plan a meet up while we’re at it. Or if you're on the other side of the pond, lets snail mail endless chocolate packages to one another. Hell, if you're on this side of the pond, lets snail mail endless chocolate packages to one another.

How about it, eh?

Not even a full day into dropping that ghastly forum, a miracle has happened. Today my ever silent phone rang through to voicemail. I picked it right back up and spent an hour on a long overdue catch up with a part of my life whom I've missed dearly. Later, my inbox pinged with two emails. Pen-friend in length, to which I quickly and lovingly responded. It feels good to have real friends. Real voices telling this girl that she's not alone.

She’s still got friends. She’s still got family. Unconditionally. Cause that's what it should be about, right?

So long Facebook.


  1. This is wonderful. You know my feelings about Facebook. Don't send my chocolate though please.


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